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District 23 is an Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Committee within Area 30 of eastern Massachusetts. The committee meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 pm at Faith Community Church, 146 E. Main Street in Hopkinton in Room 235 (from the lobby, go right and down the corridor), and online via Zoom (see the Calendar/Announcements page for Zoom meeting information).

First Congregational Church

District 23 supports AA's primary purpose via service such as AA alkathons, workshops, roundups, and outreach to the local community, and by connecting local groups to Area 30 and it's delegate.

Supporting District 23

District 23 relies upon contributions and support from local AA members and groups. AA members and groups can send contributions to:

     District 23 Treasurer
     P.O. Box 492
     Framingham, MA 01702

District 23 also relies on AA members to attend and participate in monthly committee meetings. Group GSRs and interested AAs are most welcome and greatly encouraged to get involved.

District 23 Cities & Towns

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District 23 represents A.A. groups from these cities and towns:

AshlandBellingham     Blackstone
Framingham     HollistonHopedale
See also the Area 30 District Map.

District 23 Officers & Committees

The District 23 committee consists of officers and committee chairs to oversee the various functions and services performed by the district.

The officers of District 23 are:

District 23 committee chairs oversee the 12-Step services provided by the district, including:

About the AA Service Structure

The AA service structure is described below. See the Circles of Love and Service pamphlet for an overview of AA service.

The general service structure of AA is often depicted as an "inverted triangle", as shown below.


At the top of the triangle are the A.A. groups, each represented by a General Service Representative (GSR). At the bottom of the triangle are two corporations: A.A. World Services Inc. (AAWS) and A.A. Grapevine Inc. (GV), which are governed by a General Service Board (GSB) which in turn is governed by the area delegates at the annual General Service Conference (GSC). (Note: the GSC should not be confused with the General Service Office (GSO) which refers to the office and staff of AAWS.) In the middle of the triangle are AA areas and districts, as described below.

North America is partitioned into Regions, with each region represented by a Regional Trustee who sits on the GSB. Each region is divided into Areas, and each area is represented by an Area Delegate who serves on the GSC.

Each AA Area is subdivided into Districts and each districts elects a District Committee Member (DCM) to represent the district’s GSRs at area meetings and assemblies. For a map of all the districts in Area 30: click here.

A District is a geographical division within an area that provides an opportunity for the A.A. groups in that vicinity to have a voice in matters affecting groups and A.A. as a whole.

Each District Committee is composed of General Service Representatives (GSRs) and interested A.A.’s from AA groups. Each A.A. group may elect one GSR to attend district meetings and Area assemblies to represent their group’s conscience and vote on matters brought before the assembly. A GSR is an A.A. group’s link to the A.A. service structure.

Each District Committee elects at least one representative, the District Committee Member (DCM) who serves as an essential link between the District and the Area. As a member of the Area 30 Committee, the District 23 DCM represents District 23’s conscience to the Area 30 Delegate who in turn represents the Area’s conscience at the General Service Conference attended by area delegates from the U.S. and Canada.

There are a total of 93 service Areas in North America. Massachussetts is comprised of two Areas: eastern Massachusetts (Area 30) and western Massachusetts (Area 31). Each area may also have one or more central service or intergroup offices that provide services to AA groups. The Worcester Area Intergroup Office is located in Worcester and the Eastern Massachusetts Central Service Office is located in Boston. The Western Massachusetts Intergroup Office is located in Holyoke. There is also a Berkshire Intergroup Office, a Cape Cod Intergroup Office, Martha’s Vineyard Intergroup Office and a Nantucket Intergroup Office.

The A.A. Service Manual describes many of the concepts of service in Alcoholics Anonymous in much greater detail. Area 30 publishes an Area 30 Handbook for its service volunteers.

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