Treatment Committee

Welcome to the District 23 Treatment Committee Page. As a liaison between treatment facilities, health care professionals, and the local A.A. community. The Treatment Committee is focused on helping the still-sick and suffering alcoholic in a treatment setting, in collaboration with the local AA community.

Information for Treatment Professionals

The committee offers services and resources to healthcare and treatment professionals to aid in their work with alcoholics. These services include providing AA-specific information and assistance to adminstrators and staff, and supporting AA's outreach to these facilities. Resources include print-based and digital materials, some of which have been assembled in a web app for easy reference:

Information for A.A. Members

AA members and groups are needed to take commitments into treatment facilities. If you are interested in a one-time or recurring commitment, email or use the online calendars (discussed below). For "Bridging the Gap" volunteer work, see the pamphlet Bridging the Gap Volunteering Guide.

Treatement Commitment Calendars

Click here to view the District 23 Treatment Commitment Page. You may signup online or by emailing, and you are welcome to reach out to a treatment facility directly. For more information see also the Area 30

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